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I am most definitely ready to start spending a lot of money on clothing again after seeing this collection, it seriously just made me make sounds I don't quite often make.
With my personal style I have gone through quite a colourful phase.
I think this is soon too end, again. Because of this collection!
Look at me a little fashion follower I feel so...bought.
But I am bought on this collection, SOLD SOLD SOLD.

Congratulations Rad Hourani & team for, at least, totally changing one person view on how they want to dress for the coming while.
It's just so refreshing.

Dean x

Asher Levine

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Hannah Marshall

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Just came across these photos from her A/W 10 show and I think they capture it really well.
I love this collection so much. Especially this first dress.

I guess I just got a boner for clothes.

Dean x


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Gimme gimme gimme.
"Nude Paper is for photographers and artists who believe in nudity being more than just plain old nakedity."

If you know me at all, or read my other blog or follow my tumblr, you would know I am a really fan of nudity, I find it the most beautiful thing, I really do. It's an attitude, it's gives a sense of freedom, and I think the most fashionable suit someone can wear is their birthday suit. I feel we need to embrace nudity to become totally comfortable with ourselves. This magazine seems to embrace it, clearly, and I would love to get my hands ALL OVER it.

Dean x

The Ones2Watch

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Such a hot editorial I stumbled across, thought I should share with yall.

Stolen from

Gucci Guilt

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Featuring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood.
Directed by Frank Miller.
Safe to say this is really fucking sexy, I saw the full ad last night but it doesn't seem to be on the internet yet.
Evan Rachel Wood has just become the sexiest little thing after bagging the role of a vampire queen in True Blood, somehow the grown up Thirteen star has become even sexier with age.

Let us all sit and drool for a while.
Dean x