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Alun Davies Art Director/Set Designer

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I was flicking through the pages the February-March 09 METAL magazine the other day.
And I stumbled across the most lovely mask and a few amazing head pieces,
so I looked the guy up and he's done some really amazing work with prop pieces and set design.

He's worked with Vogue Italia, Dazed Korea, O Magazine, Esquire, Tank, Net A Porter and much much more. He also designs sets for music videos, recently he did the set for La Rouxs Bullet Proof. And in my opinion it is a real shame that more designers aren't working with him because he helps to make such eye-catching images, it's there loss really.

Well it's December 24th so I may as well wish you a Happy Christmas and the best of luck in the new year guys!

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Yossi Michaeli for 125 Magazine(UK).

Don't you think she looks slightly like Mena Suvari?
Yossi is a really great photographer, you should give him a look up.
He has done work for clients such as L'Officiel Brazil, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire Brazil,
City Magazine and Nokia.

Givenchy Accesories

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Who needs words?

Designer Watch - Holly Fulton

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Holly Fulton, recent winner of 'The Swarovski Emerging Talent Awards for Accessories' at the British Fashion Awards 2009 and former Lanvin accessories designer graduated with an MA from Royal Academy of Arts in 2007.
Her S/S 10 collection is a great vibrant collection paying homage to art deco architecture and New York City.
The collection is filled with colourful vibrant garments with pop art skyscrapers, cocktail glasses and robotic/computer prints, teaming them with her amazing accessories really makes the collection wonderful.

This is definatly my favourite piece

All her collection, clothing and accessories, are available on

Some other award winners include

Swarovski Emerging Talent Award for Ready-to-Wear
Peter Pilotto
Designer Brand
Georgia Jagger
Accessory Designer
Katie Hillier
Menswear Designer
Kim Jones for Dunhill
BFC Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design
John Galliano
London 25(An individual who embodies the spirit of London and is an international ambassador for London as a leading creative fashion capital.)
Kate Moss
Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator
Grace Coddington
BFC British Collection of the Year
Christopher Kane
BFC Designer of the Year
Christopher Bailey

Opinions on Kate moss getting the London 25 award?!

Street Style from around Europe

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Photos from


Photos from

Oh how beautiful the world is and oh how I cannot wait to experience it some more.

Where The Wild Things Are

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I really bloody love this whole shoot, it's so clever.
It was for the December issue of Dazed & Confused.
First off I love Abbey Lee(especially her gorgeous gap) so that's a win,
secondly I am so excited for Where The Wild Things Are!
Aren't we all though?

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Daniel Jackson for Dazed & Confused.

By the way I just want to let everyone know the comment section is now running,
and thanks very much for pointing it out guys, comment away!

Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport for Chanel No 5

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I know this is from the way back in the summer.
But I think it's pretty beautiful and unintentionally sexy as hell.
Give it a little watch.
And if you didn't love her before, which is next to impossible, you will now.

Travis Davenport
who plays the love interest looks just about as flawless as ever.
The man is enviably PERFECT.

Must Have Item

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Concrete Rock Ring by 22designstudio.

The concrete ring is a ring with life. Because of the material character, the colour of the concrete ring will become deeper and brighter the more it's touched. And it may develop some cracks and chips, reflecting the habits of the ring's owner. It is unique every day, even every moment.

It comes in various shapes, these three being my favourite.
These would work perfectly for those of you more monochromatic dressers.

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Photographer Watch - Fabien Kruszelnicki

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Fabien Kruszelnicki, I'm in awe of this mans work.
Everything I have seen so far is so visually appealing and I've thought about his photos all day long.
Not much to say other than I can't wait to see more work for him in the future
and I think he is dangerously talented.

I'm especially in love with his shoot for Asger Juel Larsen, a London based designer.

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Styled Generation

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Just thought I should let EVERY girl in Dublin know about the new Topshop Concession,

Styled Generation Vintage, there are seriously some amazing pieces, leather jackets, winter coats, high waisted leather shorts, sparkly jumpers!

It's vintage at it's best and there is nothing priced over €50, so it won't be burning any holes in your pockets.
Everyone should check it out pronto.

Model Watch - Sean O'Pry

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I first saw him on the cover of the S/S 07 of GQ Style and also on about every page through-out.
And since then seen him just about everywhere, he's walked for YSL, Diesel, Lacoste, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Moschino and just about every other designer out there.
He's been the face of Calvin Klein, Lacoste and currently Giorgio Armani and is currently ranked as the number 2 working male model. He brings a

I was casually watching tv the other day, sitting there minding my own business, then he pops up in an ad for heat tech by Uniqlo... where in my opinion he looked awful, as did the clothes.
It seemed really weird to me, and I really hope he got a lot of money for it.

The photographic ads are just as uninspiring..although he does look very well in them.

It's a shame that he made a move from high fashion to high street,
but obviously it's not going to be career killing,
the mans got an amazing face and will probably work forever, or atleast 21.

I know I'm being unreasonably harsh, but I just don't like Uniqlo....sorry.

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Yohji Yamamoto S/S 10

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I want to start off by saying Yohji Yamamoto is one of my favourite designers and his A/W 09/10 Paris collection was so gorgeous, with the architectural, brave, out-there style he always has, well always had.

I'm afraid the S/S 10 collection really, really bothers me.
It's quite different from how I would have expected it to be, first off I really dislike the hair and make-up, it's like geisha dragged through bushes and finger painted by blind children. Then also 80% of the garments leave something to be desired.
It's as if he has succumb to the mainstream-ness he has often geared away from, almost losing the edge he had. The puffy shoulders and shredded pastel parts of the collection seem one dimensional and not quite as filled with complexity as would be expected.
And that white shirt/coat is damn near unforgivable.

Saying all this he did have some incredible pieces, especially this leather jacket which I think is a must have for every girl
right now!!
It looks amazing with the leather skirt too, and could work with a nice pair of black/grey jeans.
Then in turn would go perfect with a nice pair of ankle boots, although you'll notice, I say that with everything I like!

I'm faithful that this was just an 'off season' for him.
It wasn't the most horrible thing I have ever seen, I did love almost all of the all black looks, I just expected more. You should defiantly check out the aforementioned A/W 09/10 collection it was really beautiful. But for now here is a clip from S/S 10.

Photos found on, click on photos to enlarge.

So it begins...

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First of many posts on this new blog, I will with no doubt delete this post after I have a few posts up.

I'm going to be blogging about shows, models, designers, must have pieces, new collections, old collections, good stores, mens and womens fashion, bad hair and much more.
And maybe put in a bit of street style every now and then from Dublins 'fair' city.
Over the last year or so I've noticed the people of Dublin becoming much more confident
in dressing how they want, when they want! Which is really exciting and gives you something good(sometimes bad) to look at, but at the end of the day opinions are opinions, there are no rules and what is important is that everyones and having fun with their look, right?! Most definatly!

I did say there were no rules, but I take it back a little.

The Golden Rule

Every girl
needs a killer pair of ankle boots.

It's the Gods honest truth.

Ankle boots by Chloe, photo found on