So it begins...

11:47 AM

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First of many posts on this new blog, I will with no doubt delete this post after I have a few posts up.

I'm going to be blogging about shows, models, designers, must have pieces, new collections, old collections, good stores, mens and womens fashion, bad hair and much more.
And maybe put in a bit of street style every now and then from Dublins 'fair' city.
Over the last year or so I've noticed the people of Dublin becoming much more confident
in dressing how they want, when they want! Which is really exciting and gives you something good(sometimes bad) to look at, but at the end of the day opinions are opinions, there are no rules and what is important is that everyones and having fun with their look, right?! Most definatly!

I did say there were no rules, but I take it back a little.

The Golden Rule

Every girl
needs a killer pair of ankle boots.

It's the Gods honest truth.

Ankle boots by Chloe, photo found on