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"Julia Heuse and Ben Klunker met as students at the prestigious Berlin design school ESMOD, and founded their eponymous fashion label on graduating in 2006.

The collaboration proves that two minds are often better than one; they channel their respective influences into a menswear and womenswear label that continues to strike a balance between commercial and conceptual, classic and avant-garde and mixes glamour with a unique Berlin street style." - Taken from juliaandben.com.Blockquote

Could they possibly pick nicer fabrics and a better colour?

Dean x

Bambi Northwood Blythe

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What a fucking babe.

Modelling with Priscillas Model Management

What a ring.

Photos from thefashionspot.
The girls got some sick style and I can't wait to start seeing her pop up everywhere.

Dean x

Damir Doma Yummeh Yummeh

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Spring Summer 11

Not his best work but I'm crazy about some of the pieces.

Those boots, that cardigan and those shorts need to be mine.

That blazer, yes please, gimmeh.

And just all of that.

I don't think it is the best collection as a whole I have ever seen, it seems a little all over the place to be totally honest, but still a fan and always will be, y'know?!