Alun Davies Art Director/Set Designer

3:17 PM

I was flicking through the pages the February-March 09 METAL magazine the other day.
And I stumbled across the most lovely mask and a few amazing head pieces,
so I looked the guy up and he's done some really amazing work with prop pieces and set design.

He's worked with Vogue Italia, Dazed Korea, O Magazine, Esquire, Tank, Net A Porter and much much more. He also designs sets for music videos, recently he did the set for La Rouxs Bullet Proof. And in my opinion it is a real shame that more designers aren't working with him because he helps to make such eye-catching images, it's there loss really.

Well it's December 24th so I may as well wish you a Happy Christmas and the best of luck in the new year guys!

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Bobby Blue said...

I think I saw the helmetthingys on dazeddigital? But I can't find it anywhere now.
Have a nice christmas :)