Michael Angel Lookbook S/S 10

4:54 AM

Emily Didonato and Ryan Bertroche show off the beautiful Spring Summer 10 collection.
The collection is pretty great but it's the photos that make it for me to be totally honest.


Anonymous said...

The Photographer is Christopher Katke he always shoots Michael Angel's stuff.... he is amazing

Bobby Blue said...

The pictures are pretty amazing indeed. But that first dress (with the blue earrings) looks like something I've seen a million times before (okay maybe not a million, but at least 3 times).
And the 4th pictures (or second on the right) makes it look like there is a tongue coming out of her vagina. that might be just me though. haha.

Moda, Por Favor! said...

Yeah I've looked up his stuff it's amazing!
And I fully agree, it almost looks like a tongue haha.

M. said...

so gorgeous I love the prints

lovelove, M.