It is the 4th of May

8:42 AM

My body is in bits.
I don't know what I am doing, but I do know that I love the Caly Cox Lookbook by photographer Pino Gomes.

Give me anything black and bondagesque!
Still waiting to start work which is awful.
But a friend of mine James Mc Loughlin and a few other photographers in Dublin had an exhibition in Urban Outfitters just over a week ago and used a photo he took of me :)

There's me at the bottom left, from a shoot he did for EVB last year.

Dean x


Shaun Etta Malong John said...

the exhibition looks wicked! I hope your settling in well in london :)

Bobby Blue said...

The pictures look beautiful and so do the clothes. I want that guy with the furry thing and the mask to come to my house so I can cuddle up to him at night while he tells me horrortales. And then I get him one of those amazing cheap monday haircuts and take lots of picture of him.

The name of your blog got stuck in my head a few times while I was in Spain, just so you know. :P

Anonymous said...

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