Ulrik Martin Larsen

3:48 AM

This mans work is undoubtedly the most exciting thing I've been shown in quite a while.
It's thrills me to no end.

I want to wear nearly every single thing this man has created, his knited pieces have really inspired me to look at constructing knitwear garments in a new way and his way of making cable ties look like fabric is pretty sweet.

Fuck fuck fuck somebody get me all of this.

Images from The Fashionisto and f&art Flickr


Seth said...

Oh my god I want all of this-- especially that first piece.

the guilty hyena said...

Some original creations =] enthralling... nice blog =]

Bobby Blue said...

If I were a pretty skinny girl or a pretty boy and if I had one of those pieces. I'd only have 1 outfit: tight jeans and one of those pieces. nothing more.
They're amazing.