Ashish Studded Tracksuit

12:53 PM

It's pretty much beautiful,
I wouldn't recommend wearing together,
maybe the pants with some open toed boots and a grey leather jacket, accesorize according to taste, of course.
The top could be thrown over anything, really, staple outfit piece right there.

Can someone let Rihanna know wearing them together looks TRASHY AS HELL.
.....But then again, there's no point in telling someone who wear full outfits by the Blonds to tone it down eh?
(Don't get me wrong some of their accessories are out of this world!)

It irks me that I have posted a photo of Riri, but sometimes things have just got to be said right?!


Bobby Blue said...

I want that jacket. Not so good for hugging though. haha. Imagine wearing that and then holding up the 'free hugs' sign. You'll probably get no hugs at all. aw.