All I want for April is you....

5:34 AM

Left: Pamela Love Silver Talon Bracelet
Right: Pamela Love Silver Talon Ring

At a whopping $1525 for both it isn't very likely that this will happen, especially seeing as I still have not even applied for a job in London yet.... But if anyone wants to just go ahead and get them for me that would be so beautifully generous you are sure to get a one way ticket over the gates of heaven, possibly landing somewhere next to Mr Jesus. If you can guarantee me both of those I can most definatly guarantee you that, promise.

This shit calms me down,
Dean x


Bobby Blue said...

If I suddenly happen to win a million euros, I"ll get you the bracelet and ring haha. Let's hope it will happen, I could use a million euro.

I had forgotten about that song video. lovely. I remember the time that I listened to it everyday.

I hope you're doing well in london :)

May Kasahara said...

god. I love how the bracelet has EXTRA sharp talons.