This just doesn't feel right...

5:17 AM

When I decided to start this I said I would remove the 'me' from it and just have my tastes and things I see, but something just seems off, obviously, Diaries of a Boy was way too about me and this is too far removed.

I'm just going to start doing what feels right, I've basically taken all the words out, that's not me.
But lately life has been up in the air, I've just moved to London, don't have my laptop with me and haven't moved into my new place just yet.

Once that does happen I can start with everything again. Start doing things, making things. Stop procrastinating my days away.

Back to homemade shirts and homemade haircuts.

Dean x



mmmm..... love the homemade hair!

May Kasahara said...

hell yeah. awesome shirt. ♥

Shaun Etta Malong John said...

love the shirt!!